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Delivering purchases from USA-base stores

  • Before buying from a USA-based store
  • Purchase in the online store
  • Receiving the package
  • Delivery
How does the service work?

To shop in America’s online stores, you need a personal mailing address within the United States. Many stores do not ship outside the United States, and those of them that do will usually have expensive shipping costs.
To avoid these issues, the first thing you need to do is register on our website and receive an address in the United States.
Next, when you place an order through an online stores or a U.S. auctions, enter the shipping address that you received during our registration. In the your account on our website, enter the relevant information about your order so that our staff can quickly identify your package upon its arrival.
One the online store delivers your order to our warehouse, we will notify you.
If you have multiple orders from different stores, you can use our free storage service to wait until all orders arrive at our warehouse.
For the next step, use your personal account to indicate which orders you want to send in one package, and mark any additional services you want performed on your order. Our staff will carefully fulfill each of these requests.
After that, the purchases are sent to you at the specified address.


Which goods are prohibited from being shipped?

The following items are strictly prohibited from shipment, and will not be sent through our services for air gift packages services ONLY. Any of these items being sent may result prosecution, heavy fines and imprisonment:

Aerosol cans / sprays (perfumes, varnishes, deodorants, etc)
Dangerous items (swords, knives, weapons, explosives, fireworks, radioactive materials, deactivated or replica weapons and ammunition)
Car parts (engines, generators, gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil/petroleum, unless flushed through, gas amortization, airbags, accumulators, etc)
Fire extinguishers, life jackets
Electric appliances with batteries
Corrosives and flammables (paint, adhesives, chemicals, flammable resins, solvents, liquids, compressed air, items containing any gases, alcohols, lacquers acids)
Household products containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as drain cleaner
Human or animal remains
Live animals
Magnets or items containing ferromagnetic material
Currency or related items (i.e. stocks and bonds)
Passports and birth certificates
Tobacco and tobacco products
Wet or lithium batteries (dry cell batteries are allowed)
Animal food
Animal skins, furs, or other parts, (including ivory and ivory products)

What do I put for the shipping address?

Company: Dnipro LLC
Your First Name and Last Name
ZIP: 07203
Street Address (line 1):645 W 1st Ave
Street Address (line 2): Dni- your 5 digits.
City: Roselle
State: NJ
Phone: 9082412190

Warehouse addresses for purchases

Your New Jersey Shipping Address:
Dnipro LLC
645 West 1st Avenue,
Roselle, NJ 07203
dni: ХХХХ-Х – The unique number you obtained when you registered
tel: 1-908-241-2190

Your Delaware (Tax Free State) Shipping Address:
Dnipro LLC
171 Edgemoor Road,
Wilmington, DE 19809
dnd: ХХХХ-Х – The unique number you obtained when you registered
tel: 1-302-351-8293

How long will it take for the goods to arrive?

Delivery time depends on your destination and the shipping method. For example, delivery to Ukraine by air takes 10 days, on average, but by sea it’s from 3 to 5 weeks.

How much do these shipping services cost?

Since we work directly with air and sea freight companies, our prices are lower than those of our competitors. The price depends on the which country you are shipping to and the shipping method. Select your desired country and check the shipping cost on the corresponding page. For example, to Ukraine, the cost of delivering air packages is $ 6.95 per kg. By sea, the rate is $3.25 per kg.

What are the customs limits in my country?

Accompanying documents
Each package is accompanied by a customs declaration called a CN23.

You must fill out this customs declaration for the package to be delivered on time. The contents of the package (a full list of items, including their costs and quantities) must be described on the customs declaration. It is prohibited to fill out declarations with vague terms (for instance: used items, etc).


There is no import tax on goods shipped in one package, from one sender, to one recipient in Ukraine if these conditions are met: goods are for individual use, the total value of the goods does not exceed 150 EUR, and their weight does not exceed 50 kg. It is permitted to send non-perishable food if the weight does not exceed 10 kg in one package.
It is prohibited to ship medicine, alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes.

Republic of Moldova

Maximum weight of a package – 30 kg.
The maximum value of goods per recipient that is import tax-free is 200 EUR.
It is prohibited to send medicine and dietary supplements.

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Maximum weight of a package – 30 kg.
In Uzbekistan, it is permitted to send up to 30 kg of goods within 2 packages with a total value up to 1,000 USD per recipient every 3 months without any import taxes.


In Kazakhstan, it is permitted to send up to 30 kg of goods within 1 package with a total value up to 1,000 EUR per recipient per shipment without any import taxes.


In Kazakhstan, it is permitted to send up to 30 kg of goods within 1 package with a total value up to 200 EUR per recipient per shipment without any import taxes.


Maximum weight of a package – 30 kg.
It is permitted to send up to two packages per recipient of a combined value of up to $150 without paying import taxes.


Maximum weight of a package – 30 kg.
The maximum value of goods per recipient that is import tax-free is 45 EUR. The declaration form must include a detailed list of the contents of the package, including the goods’ quantities and values.

EU countries (not including Poland): Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and others

Maximum weight of a package – 30 kg.
A fee of 35% of the total value of the goods must be paid for each package. There are no import tax-free exceptions. The declaration form must include a detailed list of the contents of the package, including the goods’ quantities and values.

Correctly filling out any accompanying documents and registering packages in strict accordance with these regulations will ensure their timely delivery.

Are there any restrictions on the weight and size of a purchase?

If you want to buy something oversized (such as a car bumper or fender) or heavy (more than 50 kg), you should make a preliminary e-mail request, and we will clarify if we can complete the shipment.

How to enter a shipping address
Your Delaware (Tax Free State) Shipping Address:
How to I obtain my unique address?

To do this, you need to register on our website.

Can I ship to the warehouse without using my unique address??

If, for some reason, you do not include your unique address ( DN… ) in the delivery address, then you need to add the package’s tracking number to your account. Otherwise, we won’t be able to identify the package when it arrives

How do I pay for my purchase?

Paying for an order in an online store in the United States is the same as in other online stores. You just enter your card details, and confirm the order.

What is a billing address?

A billing address is the address to which your credit card is registered.

If the payment in the store doesn’t go through, then use Dnipro LLC’s address as the billing address.

I made a purchase. What's next ?

As soon as the store ships your order, you will be provided with a tracking number, which you can use to track the package’s delivery to our warehouse.

As soon as we receive your order, you will see a “Received” status in your account.


How do I know if the package has arrived at your warehouse?

We will notify you by e-mail when we receive the order.

Also, in the “Incoming shipments” section of your account, it will show status “Received”

The tracking number says delivered, but it says it wasn't delivered in my account. What do I do?

After we receive the package in our warehouse, it can take 2 to 3 days before we process and scan it. This means there will be a slight delay before the package shows up in your account. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so if the package arrives on a Friday, we will not process it until Monday or Tuesday (or in rare cases, Wednesday).

How can I check on the contents of my package?

If you want to check your product (whether it is damaged or not, or if it turns on in the case of electronics), then select “additional services” in the “incoming shipments” section. These requests can be made before we receive the goods at our warehouse. After receiving a tracking number, this field will be inactive.

Can I return all or part of my purchase?

If you need to return a purchase that has already been delivered to our warehouse, this is the process:
– Indicate that you want to make a return on the seller’s website.
– The store will send you a return label by e-mail.
– You need to initiate a return request in your account on our website and upload provided by the seller shipping label. There is also an option to request a shipping label provided by FedEx through our system. In this case, the return shipping cost depends on the return address and package weight and has to be paid upfront.
– We send the goods to the seller. This service costs $5

Are my packages insured?

Each shipped package is insured for $60 free of charge.
Additional insurance can be purchased 2.5% of the cost of the contents of your package.

Fragile items such as glass, mirrors, vases, and TVs, are insured for 5% of their total cost, and only if we package them in wooden boxes. The cost of the box is approximately $100, and the weight of the box is factored into the weight of the product.

How do I use my account?

Once you log in using your username and password, the home page will contain our address, which you will use to for online shopping, and your personal number generated by the dni system.

Dni number is your unique customer code, which we use to identify your package even if your name isn’t on it; this code greatly helps and speeds up the sorting and consolidation of goods.

Dnipro client ID:
dni XXXX-X – in the state of NJ,
and the same identifier, differing by one character
dnd XXXX-X in the state of DE

Go to the item tracking section
In the upper left corner of the window, you will see the Add tracking button, and when you click on it, you will receive a form that you need to fill out with information about the package.

The track has been added, now we are awaiting its arrival at the warehouse.
All tracks received at the warehouse are scanned. Therefore, after receiving your package, the message Received will appear in the Status column.

If the status has not changed after delivery, write to info@

After receiving the status Received , the track is ready for further operations, such as consolidation and receiving the status Send .

In the column Action there is an option In package , which allows you to add different track numbers to one virtual box

Before creating such a box, you need to go to the Addresses section, click in the upper left corner Add an address ,

You can add several such recipients by giving them a name, and select the delivery address when creating a box in the In package item.

Also, if you already have a previously created package in the Hold status, and you want to add the tracking received to the warehouse, in the Package option, select the number of the required package from the drop-down menu and save this tracking in it.

There is another convenient option.
If you have a package expected (urgent dispatch), in the Tracking section you can use the option Create a package immediately . You also fill in all the required fields and assign the command Hold or Send .

If you already have created packages that are in the Hold status, you can enter your notes and recommendations for sending this consolidation in the Notes field, as well as add or delete tracking. If you specified the Send command, you will not be able to make changes in sending the package until you make a request by email to change the status of the package to

If tracking is removed from the package, then in the Tracking section it will appear again with the mark To package (and it can, for example, be edited or transferred to your other package, or any other actions until it is consolidated and sent from the warehouse)

After your package receives the Send command, it is assigned a Dnipro internal number . After paying for the invoice issued to you, a tracking number appears for tracking the package.

Can I send multiple orders in one package?

Of course. This is called package consolidation. To do this, go to the “Incoming packages” section – select the tracks that you want to send in the package (for this, put a check in the box at the very end of the tracking code). Then, the “Create package” menu will appear.

Can I split a package into several packages?

If the package contains goods that can be divided into several packages, then you can create a deconsolidation. As a rule, deconsolidation is done to reduce the cost of a package by not exceeding customs limits.

Can you ship shampoos and lotions?