Storage and additional service fees (for parcel services)

Several free basic services are included in the shipping price, like:

Remove shoe boxes / Packaging
Remove invoices
Filling out the customs declaration
Storage of incoming packages for up to 45 days
Photo of the incoming package

Dnipro LLC also offers additional services:

Receiving packages at our Delaware (tax-exempt state) warehouse: $1 per package

Receiving pallets at our Delaware (tax-exempt state) warehouse: $50 per pallet

Registering a package via one’s personal account – $0.25 per package

 (This fee only applies to packages that are unregistered but feature one’s personal code on the shipping label) 

Receiving a package in our warehouse without one’s personal code or registration – $2 per package

Preparing and shipping a mobile phone – $5 plus standard shipping fees

Consolidating (repacking) multiple packages into one package – $2 per consolidation

Storing packages for over 45 days in our warehouse – $7 per week after the 45th day (Packages stored for more than 120 days will be disposed of)

Storing ready-to-ship packages for more than 1 week – $ 7 per week

(Fees apply when an invoice has been sent but not paid for over 7 days)