How shopping US stores and shipping around the world works with Dnipro LLC

Registration on our website

Once you register at, you automatically receive two personal U.S. mailing addresses. The first one is in our warehouse in New Jersey (for delivery of ordinary things and shoes), while the second one is in Delaware (you should use this address if you buy electronics, bags, and other goods subject to tax, as there is no sales tax in Delaware). Your address will have a DNI number which is your unique client code used to identify all incoming parcels. (e.g., DN99179).

Address example:

Ivan Melnik , DN99179

645 West 1st Avenue

Roselle, NJ 07203,

Shopping at U.S. stores

You make purchases on your own at U.S. online stores, shipping the orders to your personal address at one of our Dnipro warehouses in New Jersey or Delaware. If the online store does not accept bank cards issued in foreign countries, you can use the redemption service. An employee of the company will complete and redeem the order at the required store for a small fee.

Attention! We recommend checking goods that are prohibited for shipment and read the customs regulations of the delivery country before you make any purchases.

When we receive a parcel at our warehouse, we use your unique number (for example, DN99179) mentioned in the delivery address to determine the owner of the parcel.

We also identify who owns the package by the tracking of the courier service.

Therefore, if you did not specify your account number in the delivery address, then you need to make sure to enter the delivery tracking number of the courier service in your account. Otherwise, the parcel will get on our list of unidentified parcels and later you will be charged $2 for the parcel search.

Receiving a parcel at the warehouse

Once the parcel appears in your account, you will receive an email about the parcel's reception. Also, in your account, you will see the status of the track, saying that your track (what you bought in the store) has been received.

In your personal account, you will also see a picture of the parcel and its weight.

Next, in your account, you need to specify the cost of the track and describe the goods contained in the parcel (this information will be included in the customs declaration).

Using a personal account, you can request additional photos or video of the track, check the condition of the goods, etc. for a small extra fee. See a list of all services here.

Please note! If you want to send us a special request (additional photos of goods or checking the goods), you should do it before the parcel arrives at our warehouse.

Making a shipment

Once the purchase (or several purchases) is received, you can form a parcel for shipment to your country.

To do this, you need to select the method of parcel shipment and add recipients to the “Recipients” section in your account.

Recipients are those to whom the parcel will be sent (last name, first name and delivery address).

When creating a parcel in the Recipients section, the information entered in the Recipients section will be pulled up. If you didn't enter any information in the Recipients section, the system will display an empty field and won't allow you to create a parcel.

If you want, you can combine several parcels into one shipment ( it is called consolidation) or split the track into several parcels ( re-consolidation) which is usually done to reduce the cost or weight of the parcel. You can also order additional packaging

Once the parcel is created, you will receive an invoice for payment which you have to pay. Optionally you can also insure the parcel

Receiving a parcel

Once the parcel has been shipped from the warehouse, a tracking number will appear in your personal account to track it.

Delivery time depends on the selected delivery method and destination country. You will receive the parcel directly at your home or at the pick-up points of our partners in your country