Delivery of goods from the USA to Denmark

Delivery of goods from the USA to Denmark

We deliver purchases from US online stores (Amazon, E-bay, etc.) to Denmark. Most of our clients then send their purchases from the USA to Denmark such cities as Copenhagen, Arhus, Odense, Aalborg, Frederiksberg, etc. ... Shipping costs -Air $3.29 per lb + $35 home delivery.

How much does it cost to ship from USA to Denmark?

This calculator allows you to calculate the approximate cost of delivery of purchases from our warehouse to Denmark. We automatically insure all parcels for $60. Shipping cost from USA to Denmark Air $3.29 per lb + $35 shipping

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Delivery type
Delivery price
Delivery time
Max. weight
Duty free limit
Services provided free of charge:
  • Registering image of incoming parcel
  • Registering weight of incoming parcel
  • Removal of packaging of incoming parcel
  • Removal of invoices within incoming parcel
  • 45 days of storage
  • Insurance of parcel to the sum of $60
  • Parcel packaging materials
  • Invoicing for shipping charges
  • Invoice payment within personal account

Shop on Amazon and ship to Denmark
Buy from Amazon and ship to Denmark with Dnipro LLC. All you need is to register on our website and get your address in the USA
Сustoms fee 35% of total parcels value (there is no customs free value), this customs fee has to be paid by the sender.
The maximum weight for a parcel is 66 lbs (30 kg).

Minimum chargeable weight by air- 5 lbs (2.3 kg).

All parcels are insured for $60 free of charge.

Optionally the customer can insure the full value of the parcel, which cost 3% of the additional insured value.

Storage of your parcels in our warehouse up to 45 days is FREE of charge

The dimensions of the box according to the formula 2W + 2H + L should not exceed 300 cm (118 inches)

Before sending the parcel, read the list of prohibited goods.