Shipping a car to Kyrgyzstan from the USA.

Shipping a car to Kyrgyzstan from the USA.

Dnipro LLC offer International car shipping from the USA to Kyrgyzstan.

Shipping a car to Kyrgyzstan from the United States.

Dnipro LLC offers fast, secure, and reliable international car shipping from the United States to Kyrgyzstan. To ship a car to Kyrgyzstan from the US has never been easier. 

As Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country without its own seaports, the vehicle will be shipped to a nearby country (Georgia) and then transported overland to its destination in Kyrgyzstan. This makes it the safest transportation process.

  • How much does it cost to ship a car from the USA to Kyrgyzstan?

The price to ship a car from the USA to Kyrgyzstan varies depending on the size and model of the car. Terminal Handling Charge at the port in Georgia is included in the price, only the unloading fee in Kyrgyzstan should be covered by you.

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  • The most popular type of vehicle transportation to Kyrgyzstan from the US

Dnipro LLC offers ways of vehicle transportation that work best for you. There are two ways to ship a car from the US to Kyrgyzstan: shipping in an ocean container, and RoRo service. Shipping cars in an ocean container is a safe, dependable way to ship cars to Kyrgyzstan. Once the vehicle arrives at our loading facility it is securely loaded inside a shipping container by our experienced team. To transport a car to Kyrgyzstan special loading is required to ensure maximum safety and secure delivery to the final destination along the way. You can send a personal container of 20, or 40 FT when your vehicles do not share space with any other vehicles or use a consolidated container service. The shipping costs of the consolidated container are shared among all customers who have a vehicle in the container. It allows our clients to save time. 

Dnipro LLC offers weekly consolidated container shipping services from our facilities. 

We also provide the Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) method of shipping, which includes the delivery of a vehicle to the port and placement of the vehicle inside the ship or on the deck if the cargo is big. To use the RoRo service, you have to provide exact measurements of the vehicle. 

  • Our US warehouses:

Los Angeles, California;

Roselle, New Jersey;

Huston, Texas;

Savannah, Georgia.

  • What is the transit time for shipping a car from the USA to Kyrgyzstan?

The ocean transit time to ship a car to Kyrgyzstan from the USA is approximately 55-65 days.

  • What documents are needed for shipping a car from the USA to Kyrgyzstan?

These are the documents required for the car’s export:

Bill of Sale for the vehicle

-Original Vehicle Title (a title with a lien on it must be accompanied by a lien release letter)

-Power of Attorney form

-Copy of Passport (for international citizens)

-Copy of EIN letter (for US citizens)

    Popular car shipping destination in Kyrgyzstan

  • Bishkek

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