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Delivery of personal packages from the USA

  • Package preparation
  • How can i track my package?
  • Frequently asked questions about personal package delivery
What kind of packages can I send?

As long as the package meets size and weight restrictions and doesn’t contain any goods that are prohibited from shipping, we can ship it. Typically our clients send packages containing personal belongings and non-perishable products to their friends and relatives.

How can I get the package to you?

To send us your personal package from the USA, you need to prepare the package and call our courier by phone +1 (908) 241-2190 +1 (888) 336-4776, or bring the parcel to one of our offices.

If you are located in a remote state and our courier cannot pick up the package in person, you should create a free account on our website to create an online order. After you complete your order, you can ship the package to a FedEx office. Representatives of our contact center are always ready to help with this process.

How do I pay for the package's delivery?

If the package is picked up by our courier, then payment takes place on the spot. If you bring a package to our office, you can pay using either cash or credit card. If you deliver a package to us via FedEx, then you should pay through your account (which you received after registering on our website) using PayPal.

Tracking code

Each package sent from the Dnipro LLC warehouse has a unique code (tracking number) used to track the package on our website. This allows you to check: the course of the package, when it leaves the USA, your receipt of customs clearance in the destination country, transfer of the package to a local courier, and the date of final delivery.

Tracking works automatically, and packages appear in the database once the container is sent out.

Where is your warehouse located?

Dnipro LLC’s warehouse, which accepts personal packages, is located in New Jersey at 645 West 1st Avenue, Roselle, NJ 07203. The U.S. warehouse operates using an automated cargo accounting system, which eliminates errors that may occur when receiving, processing, and marking packages. Our storage and processing services are affordable, with our rates being some of the lowest on the market

How do you deliver the parcel?

Delivery of any cargo from the United States is carried out either by air or by sea. For each country, there are restrictions on the weight and size of a package. Read all the terms and conditions for your desired country. We do not transport prohibited items. You can calculate the cost and delivery time of parcels to your country using our special form, or contact our managers by the number on our Contacts page.