Dnipro LLC provides the consolidation services you need to save money on your freight shipping needs. Consolidation will help you to save money by combining a number of smaller deliveries of goods into one large batch for which you will pay less to transport than if each smaller delivery were to be shipped separately.

First of all we take your cargo from the warehouse in which it is located and then deliver it to our warehouse where we consolidate it according to your needs and instructions. If necessary we can provide storage space, at your request, if you’re waiting for additional goods.

The last stage is the delivery of the combined cargo to the place of dispatch – to the airport or seaport from where your cargo will be transported to the specified address.

Every day, thousands of tons of freight pass through the depots of Dnipro LLC. We are aware that mistakes in our work are unacceptable, because even a small inaccuracy can cost serious money to our customers and the loss of our reputation. The fully-automated system we use in the recording and processing of goods helps us to eliminate the risk of failure and provide you with fast and reliable service.