Delivery of boats

Dnipro LLC actively works in the field of shipping the various types of vehicles and machinery from the United States, including shipping boats. If you need to ship the purchased boat or launch, we can arrange the shipment saving you time, money, and aggravation.

Delivery of boats from the United States is very popular because many of our clients want to take advantage of the wide variety of quality boats sold in the US. Buying a boat is often an easy process for our clients but the challenges of shipping a boat abroad can often overwhelm many boat owners. Dnipro LLC relieves you of all those difficulties by ensuring your boat arrives where you want it without the frustration of attempting to arrange the shipment yourself.

Our experts will help you with the delivery from the place of purchase to our warehouse, in whatever state it may be. Once your boat arrives, we will be process and secure the boat, if necessary. We’ll load your boat into the container. Then our experts will develop the optimal route to ensure it reaches its destination safely and quickly. The price of transportation depends on the dimensions of the boat, the mode of transportation, and the need for additional services and installation works. Boats shipped from America can be transported in several ways: In a container, if the dimensions allow, or on the deck of a RoRo-capable vessel. More info about RoRo available here.