We provide:

Goods delivery
from Internet stores
Delivery of personal parcels

How this happen you can see lower in the table

Goods delivery from
American Internet stores
  • 1.Registration on our site. You will get e-mail address in the USA for parcel delivery
  • 2.Purchase of goods in American store (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and order delivery to our address. Registration Tracking Number
  • 3.Your parcel comes to our storage
  • 4.Keeping in the storage
  • 5.Handling of the parcels (consolidation, deconsolidation)
  • 6.Parcel sents by sea or air, in addiction of your choice
  • 7.Courier brings the parcel or you can take away it from the stock or post office, in addiction of your choice
Delivery of personal
parcels from the USA
  • 1.You collect parcel at home
  • 2.Bring the parcel to the office or call our courier
  • 3.Our courier takes the parcel and brings to our warehouse
  • 4.Parcel sents by sea or air, in addiction of your choice
  • 5.Courier brings the parcel or you can take away it from the storage or post office, in addiction of your choice

Partnership – special conditions for wholesale customers. For more details write on our e-mail address

If you want to be the partner of company Dnipro and earn additional income,our partnership program, which engage the expansion of branch network, is perfectly for you!

If you send commercial goods from the USA, we can offer you pleasant conditions and individual prices for delivery.

If you have questions about partnership write on our e-mail:, in topic with note “Partnership”

If you have other questions, fill the feedback form and our managers will contact with you.

Countries where we deliver:

  • Ukraine

  • Russia

  • Belarus

  • Moldova
  • Lithuania

  • Estonia

  • Latvia
  • Poland

  • Slovakia

  • Hungary

  • Czech Republic

  • Germany
  • Georgia

  • Armenia

  • Azerbaijan
  • Kazakhstan

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Tajikistan

  • Uzbekistan

All parcels from the USA we deliver within the shortest possible period of time directly to the destination and also to the storages of our partners and delivery points.

Before delivery we recommend to read the list of prohibited goods and customs rules in different countries. You can do it HERE.


Each parcel insured for $60, and it’s free. If you want, you can take additional insurance.

Cost of delivery

We offer one of the lowest prices for delivery from the USA and additional storage services, some of them are fully free.

Why our company?


More than 25 years on the shipping market


We offer one of the lowest prices for delivery from the USA due to long and productive partnership with best seaworthy and airline companies, and the lowest prices for additional storage services(saving, consolidation, removal of invoices and excessive packaging, checking and photographing contents of the parcel, etc.), some of these procedures we do for free.


We guarantee safety of your items, make insurance for your parcels for free, control quality of package, invent new methods of receiving and handling the parcels, in our sorages there are video surveillance 24/7.

Address in a tax-free state

One of our storages is in the state Delaware, because of that our clients don’t pay for sales taxes when shop in American internet stores.

What is the process of delivery from the USA?

Order delivery from American Internet stores

  • 1. Register on site and automatically get personal e-mail address in the USA and DNI number – that is unique client’s code, which help to identify the parcel, if the seller doesn’t write your name and surname; in general this code help to accelerate the sorting and consolidation of parcels. Client’s identifier of Dnipro company

    dni XXXX-X - In state NJ,

    And the same with one distinction

    dnd XXXX-X - In state DE.
  • 2. Register on the site of Internet store, in which you want to buy something (for example eBay, Amazon, etc.) After that you make order of the product(s), don't forget about your personal e-mail address in the USA and DNI number (unique code for parcel’s identification), as delivery address. Example of writting your address, look here.
  • 3. After sending the parcel, store will give you tracking code (tracking number) of product, which you must write in your personal account on in the control panel of the parcels.
  • 4. In your account write information about order.Make description of products and give the tracking number of your order.(Attention: without this code we can't find your parcel) More details about personal account is HERE
  • 5. We receive you orders in storage and you can see information in your personal accounts that you can take your parcel.
  • 6. In your personal account you will write address and collect you parcel. For example if you have parcels from different American stores and you want to deliver it to your address or to the different addresses (consolidation and deconsolidation) you will point it in your account. We can take off the additional packages and different invoices if it will be wish of client.
  • 7. Parcel sents by sea or air, in addiction of your choice
  • 8. Courier brings the parcel or you can take away it from the storage or post office, in addiction of your choice

You can track your parcel with help of personal tracking number, which are different for every order.

Delivery of personal parcels

If you live in the USA and want to sent the parcel for you relatives in Ukraine, Russia or other CIS countries, countries of Europe or Central Asia, we easily can help you. You can choose one of the proposed options:

  • Make request for courier about taking the parcel on our site
  • Make sending of the parcel in one of receiving stations
  • Without assistance bring parcel to our storage and form the delivery blank with manager
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