Delivery to countries of Central Asia

Dear customer !

DNIPRO LLC has changed its pricing for services and reports that from the 25th of September 2017 will be following charges:

Parcels from the USA to the Central Asia countries are delivered to the nearest postal office or by courier service to the recipients` address.

Country Air
Price/lb Delivery Time
Kazakhstan $3.69 $20.00 courier delivery 2-3 weeks
Kyrgyzstan $3.69 $25.00 courier delivery 2-4 weeks
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek $3.69 $5.00 courier delivery 2-4 weeks
Uzbekistan $3.79 $15.00 courier delivery 2-3 weeks
Uzbekistan Tashkent $3.79 $10.00 courier delivery 2 weeks

Also FREE of charge such services:

To calculate the cost of shipping to another country use special form on our site or contact our managers in any convinient way.