Address in USA

Our logistic network in the US makes this country a convenient point to send and receive international mails. Dnipro LLC offers clients the address of our warehouses to be used when working with suppliers. Then suppliers can ship directly to the warehouse and permit us to sort, consolidate, and ship your goods to where they're needed.

Efficiency of receiving and handling is provided by a wide network of warehouses along the coasts of the United States along with experienced warehouse staff and an electronic cargo tracking system.

Why do you need your own address in the US?

You will need your own mailing address in the US when the vendor will ask you the information about the destination of the goods they send.

Do you need to rent a warehouse in the United States?

You may need to rent storage space if you want to consolidate multiple items arriving at different times or to store goods or cargo of any kind. Our warehouses allow us to offer you a rental space for either several boxes from online stores prior to consolidation or whole cargo containers. Strict automated accounting and tracking along with stringent video monitoring and security will ensure their full safety.

What are some opportunities are open to you with your own warehouse in the US?