About us

Dnipro LLC company has a leading position among international carriers, delivering cargo from the United States. We have extensive experience, have been certified in the TSA (Transportation Security Administration of the USA) as an indirect air carrier. We are representatives of IATA (International Air Transport Association), and have FMC and NVOCC (NON-VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER) licenses.

Our Delivery of goods from the United States are made by well-oiled logistic schemes. We do not restrict our clients in the terms of size or weight of the load - we transport small parcels weighing three kilograms, and equipment weighing three and a half tons.

The presence of large storage facilities in the area of six thousand square meters, with an external storage, which simultaneously accommodates up to five hundred cars and a large amount of oversized equipment is helping us to organize a continuous cycle of receiving, processing and sending of goods. If desired, our customers use the address of the warehouse when working with suppliers. In warehouse  we proceed the packaging and repackaging of goods, we mark them and put the labels of the customer if necessary.

Shipping from the United States of all types of items is performed by using an automated accounting system, so that we can always inform the client of the status and location of it’s load.

In 2010 Dnipro LLC company delivered only via international airways cargo with it’s total mass of almost 1 million Lbs (455,000 kilograms). Dnipro LLC was recognized as the largest shipper in Ukraine among all IATA agents in the 2007-2009 period.

In 2011, we doubled the volume of the air cargo transportation to 2 million Lbs (900,000 kilograms) and shipped about six thousands vehicles abroad.

In 2013-2014, our employees sorted and processed more than 500,000 parcels.

Cargo transportation from the United States - an important task. Many years of experience in international deliveries of all kinds of items is helping us to perform it flawlessly. The staff of highly skilled experts maintains a consistently high level of service quality.

Among the advantages of cooperation with Dnipro LLC - the ability to save time and money. We provide low prices for the large amount of our business partners all over the world. If you need a reliable carrier of goods, contact Dnipro LLC!